environmental laboratory testing services

Testmark offers full-service testing capabilities for all your environmental projects. Whether it is work being conducted for a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment, emergency cleanup, site remediation, decommissioning, landfill monitoring, reclamation or disposal of hazardous material, we are here to help. Our lab offers comprehensive testing of water, soil, sediment, groundwater and waste (TCLP protocols). Having a toxicology lab under the same roof as our environmental lab means we can immediately respond to an adverse acute lethality result and drill down to determine what the contaminant is.

We sit on the Ministry of the Environment’s Technical Advisory Committee and are industry leaders in the provision of quality data. We have provided expert witness testimonial and have been involved in many projects involving the receipt of legal samples. All our lab locations offer an emergency 24/7 phone number should a spill or environmental accident require immediate assistance.

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Kirkland Lake
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